A microwave cooking and baking utensil combining
Innovation,  speed,  steam, flavor,  and   health
A culinary design and facelift has led us to develop and design a product which is rather unusual for a microwave oven.
Within only 10 minutes, you can be eating a gourmet and - primarily - a healthy meal.
cerami wave is the tajine for the microwave.
The cerami wave lovingly accepts every vegetable, every portion of protein and carbohydrates.
cerami wave is the ultimate dish in which to quickly cook delicious food - for lovers of tasty food, for people whose time is valuable, and for anyone for whom spending time in the kitchen becomes a real nuisance.
Saucepans, nuisance and time can all fit into one cerami wave.
The result: a personal chef that provides a healthy, delicious and authentic meal.